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Potential risks

    1. Overcorrection : This complication occurs if the prescriptive power of the implanted ICL is too strong. In most cases it can be corrected with corrective eyewear or with an ICL replacement.
    2. Undercorrection: The opposite of overcorrection, undercorrection is the result of an implantable contact lens with too weak of a prescription. Correction methods are similar to those of overcorrection.
    3. Infection : During most surgeries, there is a potential risk of an infection.
    4. Increased intraocular pressure : Pressure may build in the eye after an ICL procedure. The sooner a surgeon is alerted to this, the greater the chance of avoiding serious damage. This is detected during your follow up visits with us or in case you face acute blurring of vision or headaches, you must visit the eye clinic.
    5. ICL may rarely need to be repositioned.
    6. Cataract development : Over 50 percent of the population will develop cataracts by the age of 65, however, it is believed that the use of some implantable contact lenses may cause cataracts at an earlier age, this however is rare ( around 2%).
    7. Halos, glare, and double vision : Updated ICL models greatly diminish the risks of halos, glare, and double vision.
    8. Retinal detachment : Less than 1 percent of patients in the clinical studies were affected by retinal detachment. It should be noted, however, that the occurrence of retinal detachment increased as the degree of myopia increased.