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Dr Sagar Bhargava MS , FRCS (Glasg)has been a practising refractive surgeon  for more than 10 years.  He completed MBBS and MS from  Govt Medical College Aurangabad. During this stint he had many accomplishments prominent being:

Dr Pandit Palitkar Memorial Prize for standing first in first MBBS university examination in 1995.
Dr Bhalchandra Mukand Dandekar Memorial Prize for standing first in the subject of Ophthalmology in third MBBS university examination in 1998.
Dr R L Bhalchandra Memorial Prize for securing highest marks in MS (Ophthalmology) university examination in 2003.
Rare achievement of clearing 2 part ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology Examination in Basic and Clinical Sciences in Ophthalmology) in one go in 2003.

He then moved to Sankara Nethralaya Chennai India’s largest eye hospital and underwent 24 months fellowship program in General Ophthalmology and trained under prominent ophthalmologists like Dr K Ravishankar, Dr T S Surendran, Dr PremaPadmanabhan, Dr G Sitalakshmi, and  Dr L Vijaya. During fellowship period actively participated in various international and national conferences.

Further in pursuit of academic excellence, in the year 2008, after successfully clearing the examination he was conferred with FRCS (Glasgow) .

As a recognition of exception performance, was recognised as the Best Associate Consultant for the year 2008 and conferred the Dr TLK Row Endowment award.

He further got trained under Dr PremaPadmanabhan ( Director Cornea and Refractive Services, Chennai)  for Refractive surgery.

In 2009 he was transferred to Sankara Nethralya Kolkata. He was given the task of establishing the Sankara Nethralaya Lasik centre in 2011. He has been credited with many firsts like:
First to use of femtosecond Lasik i.e bladeless Lasik in EAST.
First to use Multifocal Toric IOL in EAST
First to start Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Since 2014 Dr Sagar is attached with BB eye foundation and routinely doing  standard lasik , femtolasik and implantable collamer lens with immense success.

Presentations & publications
1) In AIOS annual conference 2002 at Ahmedabad, made a presentation on “Disinfection techniques & Management of Biomedical Waste” in an instruction course on ‘hospital management’.2) Poster presentation on ” A rare case of infiltrated optic neuropathy” at 52nd TNOA conference at Tirunelveli in August 2004.

3) Paper presentation on “Comparison of monofilament Nylon vs Vicrylfor wound closure in Phacoemulsification  combined with trabeculectomy” at AIOS 2005

4) Poster presentation on ” Comparison of SRK II and SRK T formulae for high myopes”  at APAO 2006 held at Singapore

5) Poster Presentation on ” Potential acuity meter – Is it potential correct”  at the AIOS 2007

6) Poster presentation on  ” Phacoemulsification in eye with uvealcoloboma” at SERI 2007 held at Singapore

7) Conducted instruction courses on refractive surgery and Implantable collamer lens in OSWB (state conference West Bengal )  in 2012 -13.

8) Oral Presentation in IIRSI 2014 in july 2014 on toricioland lasik complications

9) Presentation in Patna in sept 2014 on Prostaglandin Analogues – Current concepts

10) Conducted  Instruction course on refractive surgery in state conference (OSWB)  in nov 2014 in Kolkata

11) Invited as a guest speaker to deliver a lecture on secondary glaucomas in Howrah Ophthalmic society meeting on 20 thnov 2014


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