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The Oculyzer has become a tremendously valuable tool in assessing patients for laser vision correction. The Oculyzer is a comprehensive eye scanner which provides data critical to the planning of the treatment.

The Oculyzer images the anterior segment of the eye by a rotating Scheimpflug camera measurement. This rotating process supplies pictures in three dimensions. The center of the cornea is measured very precisely because of this rotational imaging process. The measurement process lasts less than two seconds, and minute eye movements are captured and corrected simultaneously. By measuring 25,000 true elevation points, precise representation, repeatability and analysis are guaranteed.

The Oculyzer provides 3-dimensional chamber analysis of the complete anterior segment of the eye, corneal topography of both the front and the back of the cornea, thickness measurements across the entire diameter of cornea. It also can provide cataract analysis and clearly detect corneal disorders such as Keratoconus, where laser vision correction is sometimes not appropriate. The Oculyzer is the first instrument that provides a truly accurate measure of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea.

As an additional safety feature, the Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia Display delivers:

  • Sensitive early keratoconus/ectasia detection and evaluation
  • Reliable detection of early stage forme fruste keratoconus
  • Representation of height data of the anterior and posterior corneal surface in combination with a progression analysis of the corneal thickness
  • Calculation of the corneal thickness progression analysis using concentric rings; starting at the thinnest point and extending to the periphery
  • Easy evaluation of measurement data through intelligent software and display composition

Wavelight EX 500 laser

Dr. Sagar Bhargava performs laser correction procedure on WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser machine.

The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the cutting edge of LASIK and PRK surgery technology. This innovative and FDA approved laser decreases procedure times with its 500 Hz speed, delivering the world’s shortest treatment times. The EX 500 Excimer laser is an improvement over prior laser platforms it may be best to outline the characteristics of an ideal Excimer Laser used in vision correction procedures.Precision and safety are two key features with this new laser. The significant improvement in the eye tracking system allows the EX500 Excimer laser to monitor a patient’s eye movements throughout the procedure, and ensures the laser treatment is applied as planned. The standard, high-resolution video system gives surgeon a clear view of the surgical field.

Some of the notable features of the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser include:

  • The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the only excimer laser to operate at 500 Hz, with an average treatment time of approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter
  • Multi-dimensional eye-tracking technology allows for precise and dynamic pupil tracking, helping reduce the risk for patient fixation fatigue
  • Online Optical Pachymetry for increased safety – measuring corneal thickness in real-time while laser is working
  • Perfect Pulse Technology® allows for a larger treatment zone, which can reduce the potential for nighttime glare after surgery
  • Networked lasers allow for a higher degree of customization and efficiency
  • Innovative engineering reduces the potential for stromal dehydration of the cornea, flap shrinkage, and sensitivity to eye movements.
  • Precisely Focused on Accuracy With a powerful 1050 Hz-type multi-dimensional eye tracker, synchronized at 500 Hz, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser offers safety and exceptional precision:
    • Movement tracking with just 2 milliseconds of latency
    • Dynamic pupil tracking from 1.5 mm to 8.0 mm

Wavelight EX 500 laser2




Utilized in over eight million procedures and cited in hundreds of scientific articles, the iFS® Laser is a comprehensive platform built on IntraLase® Technology’s legacy of surgical precision. Delivering fully individualized procedures from LASIK flaps to inlay pocket creation, the iFS® Laser is the ideal choice for every ophthalmic subspecialty.


The iFS® Laser offers highly customizable LASIK flap creation with multiple options to individualize your LASIK procedures to each patient’s unique visual needs.

  • Complete surgical control down to the micron in terms of diameter, depth and edge angle
  • Inverted bevel-in side cut, customizable up to 150˚, helps increase flap stability and strength postoperatively1
  • Elliptical flaps maximize stromal bed exposure for full delivery of excimer ablation
  • Fast flap creation allows procedures to be completed in under 12 seconds, creating an easy experience for both surgeons and patients


LASIK flaps created with the iFS® Laser offer excellent quality and control.

  • Low energy, tight spot spacing and line separation create a smooth stromal bed, allowing for easy lift,2 minimal inflammation3 and fast flap creation
  • Thin, uniform (planar) flaps result in minimal disruption of corneal architecture and high predictability and reproducibility5


The iFS® Laser goes beyond LASIK with customizable procedures for:

  • IntraLase®-enabled keratoplasty (IEK) incisions in multiple configurations4
  • Intrastromal and penetrating arcuate incisions, with complete control of angles, placement and orientation for micron-level accuracy
  • Multiplanar clear corneal and planar paracentesis incisions during cataract surgery
  • Pocket creation for inlay placements, with options for width, offset, depth, side-cut radius and side-cut angle